So your cat hightails it every time you enter the room? Get scratched every time you try to pet her? You will find that the method suggested here works with most cats–even those who are complete strangers to you! Put some cat food on your hand and let the cat eat it. While the cat is eating the food stroke her/him fur softly.


  1. Kneel down low so that you’re the same height as the cat. That way he/she will be less intimidated and won’t be scared of you as much. Be calm and don’t make loud noises or the cat will get scared. Cats get frightened very easily! (eventually raise yourself so you don’t look like a freak)
  2. So you’re scared that the cat might scratch or bite you? Try wearing longer clothes for the first meeting. Then teach her that scratching and biting is wrong with a quick timed punishment. (A spray bottle works quite nicely, but do not hit your cat. you will loose the cat’s trust entirely if you do.) This will bring you respect.
  3. Let the cat come to you first. Ever wonder why a cat hangs around the “cat-haters”? This is because their not in their territory as soon as they see them. Read a book, watch TV, or just simply lie down in the mean time. It may take up to a few days for a cat to approach you.
  4. Stroke the cat softly on the forehead. Also tickle your cat under her/his chin. My cat loves that.
  5. Increase your social between you and the cat by stroking her, giving her treats and playing with her.Don’t be rough with the cat.
  6. Treat the cat with love and care.
  7. Be the one to feed her and clean her cat litter.
  8. Try not to raise your voice when near your cat; this will frighten her.
  9. The cat will bite if you disturb her while she is washing herself.
  10. Give your cat attention when necessary but not constantly (this would cause the cat to be needy and possibly bring in a violence streak when he/she does not get what they want).
  11. On specific days give your cat or kitten canned food, like tuna. Stroke her as he/she eats it.
  12. Never trap your cat in a room.


  • In the summer months, your cat will get hot. Be sure to keep her cool by using a fan or letting her play with an ice cube (kittens especially love ice cubes).
  • If possible let the cat approach you first. Put out your hand and let her sniff it before approaching her.
  • Talk soft around your cat.She/he will think it is being praised. If a cat hisses at you it means it wants to be left alone.
  • Cats love it when you massage their foreheads, tickle their chins, and stroke their backs.
  • If your cat hisses at you maybe you should leave the room and if you need to go in that room again go in but try not to look or play or fuss the cat , This shows them that your not forcing them to do any thing and they will get used to the house and soon come to you
  • If you get down on your knees, you are a lot less threatening to a cat.
  • Play with him/her as often as you can.
  • Let her be near you and bring a toy mouse out and let her smuggle it on your lap or infront of you and shake it.
  • If you think you need time (and I mean a lot of time) to train your cat into liking you, give them wet food. The food is very yummy and kitty will most likely love it (my 13yr old cat and my 8 month old cat both love it). And it moistens their system to keep then living longer.
  • If you pick up your cat too much, he/she will get very mad.


  • Never force a cat to do anything.
  • After you get scratched by your cat, be sure to wash it thoroughly with hot water and Dettol. The scratches will start to disappear in 3 weeks.
  • Don’t stamp your foot near a cat. She will get frightened and run away.
  • Don’t squeeze your cat. He/she will remember that, too.
  • Don’t abuse your cat, like throwing or hitting.
  • Never hit your cat. It is abusive. Cats have a good memory for these deeds. Hitting your cat will make them associate you with fear and pain.
  • Never be nasty around a cat: in other words, don’t kick, scream or shout near or at her.

Things You’ll Need

  • Favorite toy or treat (optional, but highly recommended)
  • A well maintained home
  • food and treats
  • a bed
  • a place for them to play and escape

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