Djeser De Belenus

(SACRED our “Teddy Bear”)

(Loof =2009 1503 RIEX)

‘Black Silver Spotted Tabby’
Egyptian mau silver (neutered)
Son of  Akthy de Fondcombe & Gd son of Maslama de Fondcombe

(Born/né = 29.08.2008) PKdef  tested ‘clean’

“Djeser” is the half brother of “La Marnière Eli-Ora of Amiel Goshen“, son of “Akthy de Fondcombe“, Gd son of” Maslama of Fondcombe“. This beautiful Male neutered has not been presented in shows, he is very gentle,cuddly,and faithful,  and he’s living with “Atarah” our ‘entire Male’ “Djeser” is also known as “Teddy Bear” a real angel of love vous pourrez trouver son pedigree Loof sur ce lien

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