CETAC n° C-2174 (FR); NCA 9506/055938/033002/EVGB971(UK)

Our Female Nebelung


Amiel-Neb cattery (GCCF= 165/2013)

1st Nebelung on the GCCF active registrar


1st Nebelung registered with the GCCF

Our Males Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau Bronze (male)

Maus’Art Atarah of Amiel-Goshen

Djeser & Atarah

EM son of Akthy, gd son of Maslama (Fondcombe)

Djeser de Belenus

Egyptian Mau Bronze male entire

Amiel-Goshen Independence AKA “Indi”

Atarah” our bronze Male (entire) is 2nd generation import from Egypt/// “Djeser” our Male Silver (neutred)  is Half Brother of Eli-Ora

Our Females Egyptian Mau

Egyptian Mau Bronze female

IC. Maunarch Florina of Amiel-Goshen

Egyptian MAu Silver Female

Gd IC. La Marniere Eli-Ora of Amiel Goshen

Mau Egyptien Black smoke(Adina)

Ramah Adina of Amiel-Goshen

“Florina” Bronze, “Eli-Ora” Siver, “Adina” Black Smoke

mau Egyptien bronze femelle (Yosefa)

“Amiel-Goshen Yosefa”