1er timbre sur les Mau Egyptien Monaco 2011

La Marniere Eli-Ora of Amiel-Goshen

Gr.INT. CH. Eli-Ora du Fort de la BosseMarniere

(Loof = 2009 9985 RIEX)

La Marniere Eli-Ora


Amiel Goshen

(אלי אורה)

(Baby Girl)

CFA = (0843-1710839) & GCCF = (CSREF 803499) & TICA  = (SBT 041109 058)

(Born/née= 11.04.2009)

Photos by L.Johnson


(female on the GCCF active registrar, PKdef tested Felv/Fiv tested ‘negative‘ )

(Pedigrees & Diplomas here)

    CAC Excel 1 & “Best Variety”,  Monaco 20.02.2010 CH.INT. Eli-Ora du Fort de la Bosse Marnière – CAC Excel 1 , Monaco 21.02.2011 – CAC Excel 1 , Grasse 16.10.2011 – CACIB Excel 1 ,Grasse 17.10.2011 – Champion Loof  standard 16.10.2011 – CACIB “Best variety”, Grasse 17.10.2011 – CACIB Nomine “Best in Show”,  Grasse 17.10.2011 – CACIB Excel 1 ,Monaco 29.01.2011 – CACIB Excel 1 “Best variety”,

Monaco 29.01.2011 – 1st price “Trophee Bastet speciale Mau”, Monaco 29.01.2011 – 1st price “EMC uk special award”, Monaco 29.01.2011 – “Best Variety” ,

Monaco 30.01.2011 – Champion International Loof standard 30.01.2011 – CAGCIB 1 “nomine best in show” Monaco 11.02.2012   -CAGCIB 2Excel 1 , Monaco 12.02.2012 – CAGCIB 3  Saint Raphaël 17.03.2012 – CAGCIB 4 Saint Raphaël 18.03.2012 – Grand Champion International Loof Standard 18.03.2012   Eli-Ora (known also as Baby Girl) is the fruit of the hard work done by the chatterie de fondcombe  and has all the genetic pool of the founding cats from the time MC. & D. Hallepee (+ photos) On her father’s side = CH. Akthy de Fondcombe (silver), son of Maslama of Fondcombe (brown –Egyptian import) and CH. Tiw of Fondcombe (silver) herself coming from CH.Int Senefer of Fondcombe(silver), CH.EU. Tavaron Sarina of Fondcombe , Eli-Ora’s great great grand parents generation been  Sahouré de Fondcombe (brown Egyptian import), Brockhaven Dot Heart of Fondcombe (silver), GR.CH. Triangle Asparet Mau of Tavaron (silver) & Brockhaven Jaid of Tavaron (silver) On her Mother’s side = CH.EU. La Maniere Victoire de Kadesh (Smoke) daughter of CH.Danton du Nil Blanc(silver) with GR.CH.INT Twt de Fondcombe (silver)  going back to  CH.Tutankamon (silver), CH.Pazlo’s Sparkling Ice (silver), GR.CH.Tavaron Maumeo of Brockhaven (smoke), GR.CH.RW Brockhaven Osira (silver), GR.CH.Brockhaven Sarobie of Tavaron (bronze) Eli-Ora is very Special, the apple of my heart and is known as “Baby Girl”

photo here