Ramah Adina of Amiel-Goshen


(Precious Pearl)

CFA= 0847-1723487 GCCF = CS 803498

LOOF= 2012 CE.1109

Egyptian mau Black Smoke(Adina) Egyptian Mau Black Smoke (Adina)

Egyptian mau Black Smoke(Adina)


(Female on the GCCF active registrar)

(PKdef tested, Felv/Fiv tested ‘negative’)

(Born/née =10.04.2010)

this beautiful Smoke come from Oregon ‘Ramah Cattery’ of Dee Keenan. her father is ‘Kikori Hor-Aha of Ramah’ (silver) and her mother is ‘Ramah Luckyinlove’ (silver) she is a very rich family tree please visit  = (pedigrees & diplômes) Adina also known as “Precious Pearl” is very sweet, quite shy although very affectionnate, she is best of friend with our Nebelung “Faithful” and also our bronze “Florina” and “YosefaAdina will not be presented to cat shows in the near future , but will be presented to Mau’s Art Atarah (our male bronze 2nd generation form Egyptian import) this coming year

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