Amiel-Goshen “Ivan”

(איוון =Yôḥānān, meaning “‘Yahweh is gracious’”)


“Ivan the Great’

(G.d has blessed)

GCCF =CSSR832031 , LOOF= n°2013.14970RIA4

(Born/né= 11.04.2013)

(Male on the GCCF active registrar PKdef tested ‘Clean’ Felv/Fiv tested ‘negative’)

(Pedigrees & Diplomes)

“Ivan The Great” is the fruit of

Maus’Art Atarah (Bronze) & Ramah Adina (black Smoke) .

A beautiful black smoke boy, of great marking,

stature and very affectionate,

Ivan will stay with us at the Cattery,and has been neutered 

Here ‘Ivan’ and his brother ‘Iretz’ from birth to 3 months


photos of Atarah (his father) & photos of Adina (his Mother)