Maus’Art Atarah of Amiel-Goshen


(la Couronne/diadème de Amiel-Goshen)

Bronze Mau Egyptien Male EntierBronze Egyptian Mau male entire

CCA=EMOO46X3-44136, TICA=03T102211 006)

GCCF =CSREF 821948 , LOOF= N°2012CE.1110

(Born/né= 22.10.2011)

(Male on the GCCF active registrar PKdef tested ‘Clean’ Felv/Fiv tested ‘negative’)

(Pedigrees & Diplomes)

Atarah is second generation from an Egyptian Import, his father is  CH Maus’Art Toutankhamau” (silver), his mother  “Maus’Art Cinnamau” (bronze).He is the grand child of “Alex Aswad LAYLA of Maus’Art” Egyptian import Smoke)

photos ici

“”””Report of International Judges “” “”

  Ms. Basquine, Mrs. Noel Garel & Catherine Bastide.

(Paris September 23, 2013)

Male 2 years in the type of breed, impressive in his athletic body, the quality of the dress/coat(texture) and color (spot ground color spotted Brown)

pretty good head despite significant down cheeks (male reproductive / entire)

good eyes, chin a bit small, good shape and up ears, good eye color.

excellent neck muscles and bones, long tail.

for the good of the race, please keep this type of dress.

“properly working” accepted RIA 3

(standard LOOF)

‘a big thank you to Maus’Art cattery for this beautiful Stud’


– Atarah will be important in the future to enrich the pool of genetic Bronze, Smoke and perhaps also the Silver Egyptian Mau as he carries the three recognized colors (When recording with LOOF is done, it will be presented to the judges in LOOF expos in 2013)

photos de Atarah 

Here a link to see his two first children born 11.04.2013

Iretz (silver) et Ivan (smoke)

and a bronze male born 20.03.2014

Jesse At Twilight