REG= CFA NB 223477  REG= GCCF (NB= 162/2011) REG = FIFe 2014.11.01 &

LOOF NB 18112

 un bain de soleil Timbre du Mau Egyptien de Monaco 2011

CETAC n° C-2174 (FR); NCA 9506/055938/033002/EVGB971(UK)


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We are a small home  based cattery located in Normandy (FR, UK), affiliated to CIME (Comunauté Internationale du Mau Egyptien – fr) We are also a registered cattery with , GCCF.and LOOF &  Fife


playtime for everybody

Our cats are kept in the house and free to go where they want.They are never caged. The cats are raised in the middle of the activities of the Farm in direct contact with our guests, friends and family. Although our Egyptian Mau & Nebelung are part of our family, we consider ourselves more as guardians of these fantastic breeds than owners of our cats!


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 Faithful and Florina of Amiel-Goshen (Egyptian Mau and Nebelung)

Nebelung cat Faithful of Amiel-Goshen


Egyptian Mau Bronze known as Baby Flo