IC.Maunarch Florina of Amiel-Goshen


(Baby Flo)

Photos Pro by L.Johnson

Photos Pro by Studio Degonne 2106

IC. Maunarch Florina of Amiel-Goshen


CFA = (0845-1701729)GCCF= (CS 783754) TICA (SBT 031310 054) LOOF= (2011CE.425)  

(female on the GCCF active registrar)

(female “reproducteur Sélectionnée” LOOF standard)

(PKdef tested, Felv/Fiv tested ‘negative’)

(Born/née = 13.03.2010)

(Pedigree & Diploma here)

  –  6/10months) 1st excel –  Grasse 16.10.2010 –  6/10months) 1st excel – Grasse 16.10.2010 – CAC 1st excel –  Monaco 29.01.2011 – CAC 1st excel – Monaco 30.01.2011

2nd price “trophee Bastet” Special Mau – Monaco 30.01.2011 – 2nd price “EMC uk Special Award”(GCCF)–  Monaco 29.01.2011

CAC 1st excel St Raphaël 19.03.2011 (nominé “best in show”) – CACIB St Raphaël 20.03.2011  “Best Variété”Champion LOOf Standard on the 19.03.2011 – CACIB 1st Excel St Laurent du Var 16.04.2011 (Nominé “best in show”)-CACIB St Laurent du Var 17.04.2011, 1st Excel International Champion LOOF Standard on the 17.04.2011   06.10.2012 Special Egyptian Mau UK (GCCF standard)2nd Egyptian Mau AD (class 6), 3d A.C adult (class 16), 1st A.C N/B AD (class 20), 2nd Senior AD (class 27), 11 & 12.09.2013 was at the France CFA Fancier Show in Rouen. She had 7 1st place, 6 2nd best of breed, 2 2nd best colors class, 3 2nd place, 2 third place, & 7 best of Colour Class

12.09.2013 CFA Champion.


13.12.2014 1st CAGCI at Charenton Paris XIIeme, 14.12.2014 2nd CAGCI ex1 at Charenton Paris XIIeme she was “””9th a the Egyptian Mau Speciale CHARENTON 2014″”” (30 EM all colours present)

13.03.2016 3d GAGCI ex1 at Lisieux  & Nominée best of Breed

“”Maunarch Florina of Amiel-Goshen is now CHAMPION CFA”” Florina (known as Baby Flo) came to us from US and is from exceptional lineage -On her father’s side = GC.BW.RW. Ramah Mau-Tan Man (bronze), son of GC.Brockhaven Lucky Strike (bronze), & GC. Sharbees Mauria Tu of Ramah DM (bronze) – On her Mother’s side = CH.Sharbees Papyrus Maukarramma (bronze), daughter of Sharbees Siri Sapphire (bronze) & Sharbees Tezlin Topaz (bronze) She has quite a few CH and GC in her lineage like GC. Phiset Ed Mcmau of Brockhaven, GC. Sharbees Irish Coffee, GC. Sharbees Coffee Mocha etc..

(Photos of baby Flo)