Amiel-Goshen Independence

(aka ‘The Great INDI’)

“””sold with restrictions”””


“””part of the “Bronze Program CIME”””

Egyptian Mau Bronze male entire

Amiel-Goshen Independence AKA “The Great Indi”

(GCCF = CSSR838027 ; LOOF = 2013.20500)

(Born/né= 04.07.2013)

(Male on the GCCF active registrar PKdef tested ‘Clean’ Felv/Fiv tested ‘negative’)

(Pedigrees & Diplomes)

Indi is the son of “Chantina Jacob‘ & IC Maunarch Florina of Amiel-Goshen and also the brother of

CH Amiel-Goshen Yosefa.

Indi is very valuable for the bronze world as he is the only entire male from the Chantina Jacob’s line. 

(a big thank you to Monica and Jim McLaren – Chantina Cattery UK- for allowing us to carry on their work)

the Great Indi”
is now at the care of  Mme L. Le Guinec Fiere (Enneade)
with restrictions
Mme L.Le Guinec Fiere commited herself
to work along side the
“””Bronze Programme CIME “””


please read == Restrictions are attached to the ownership of  “Amiel-Goshen Independence ” from his Breeder ….

” No male or Female kitten bronze of  “Amiel-Goshen Independence”  can be sold, exchanged, given, or a mating arranged with female from outside the Enneade cattery without a  registrated post  agreement written   by his breeder at

“Amiel-Goshen Cattery “