Our Kittens Egyptian Mau & Nebelung

CETAC n° C-2174 (FR); NCA 9506/055938/033002/EVGB971(UK)

GCCF Breeders skim 00036_Mar15 Mr P Le-Coustumer

(all our males and Females are DNA tested, PK def tested, )

– All our kittens are raised in our home with all the attention, care and love that we can give them  “ex 1  & ex 2” & “ex 3”

they will have a vet visit at the Farm on regular basis,

They will be able to leave our home around the age of 3 1/2 months and will be perfectly socialised.

All our kittens are raised on natural fresh and raw food, (as all our cats are), we believe it is the best way to built up their immunity and garranty a natural, perfect and healthy beginning for them. (obviously, they will have also tried the commercial type of food)

Both Male and female kitten will be sterilised before leaving the cattery

(please visit this page for more information)

we will accept to sale some of our kittens whole but with some restrictions. References will be required, these kittens will be DNA of parenting tested, PK def tested,

  • to reserve a kitten a deposit will be required  (if you decide to cancel the reservation the deposit will not be return )this deposit will not be reimburse  except if for some health reason the kitten is no longer availiable. a receipt will be made signed by both parties.
  •  after signig the sal contract here all the adoption condition will be specified ,  you will receive  :
  • the european passport.
  • a breeding notice giving you some guide lines of how to ensure a long and healthy life to the kitten.
  • its LOOF pedigree  (a proof of declaration to the LOOF at least as sometimes it takes 2-6months before receiving the pedigrees, which will be forwarded to you)
  • and a GCCF registration

the price for a pet kitten is between 1200€ and 1300€ depending of the quality and the colour chosen. this price include the sterilization for the male,  some of the kitten might be sold for presentation and reproduction (after being seen by a judge before the sale & the price of such kitten will be around 1400€ to 1800€ depending of the quality and the colour. All payment will be made cash, or BK transfer . all kitten will be paid in full before departure. It is possible to visit the cattery and to see the kittens with their parents, by appointment only.no visit can be done before our babies are 1, 1/2 month old. reserving a kitten will be possible to be done from that visit,

however it is possible to ask to be put on a waiting list and we will do our  best to satisfy you,

 the price of an Egyptian mau kitten  is between  €1100 and €1800

for a Nebelung €900 to €1100 +/-

They will have received  =

at 12 weeks against:  Feline infectious enteritis  Feline herpes virus Feline calicivirus Feline leukaemia virus . l Rabies Vaccination  for ittens going abroad ID= sale certificate –  All Our kitten will be registered GCCF “non active” and will receive a pedigree LOOF.  It could be that the pedigree (LOOF) will not have reach us before the kitten leave our home, but we will forward it to you, you will have the GCCF registration however. ALL KITTENS GOING FOR REPRODUCTION WILL HAVE A DNA PARENTING CERTIFICATE & PKdef CERTIFICATE

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