Amiel-Goshen “Yosefa”


(Sweet Lady)

Bronze Egyptian mau female (Yosefa) Bronze Egyptian mau female (Yosefa)

mau Egyptien bronze femelle (Yosefa)

GCCF=CSSR 805789, LOOF= 2012.8611


(Née/Born = 05.12.2011)

Photos by L.Johnson


(Female on the GCCF active registrar)

(PKdef tested ‘Clean’,Felv/Fiv tested ‘negative’)

(Pedigrees & Diplomes)

06.10.2012, Special Egyptian mau show UK (GCCF standard)

1st Bronze Egyptian Mau Adult (class 6), 1st Novice Adult (class 21),1st Adolescent adult (class25), 2nd Egyptian Mau AD (class 74)

‘Yosefa’ has received her 1st ‘CC’ (challenge certificate).

11 & 12.09.2013 was at the France CFA Fancier Show in Rouen. she had 8 1st place, 2 2nd Place, 2 3d Place, 3 2nd best breed division, 3 2nd best of Colour, 2 1st best of Colour, & 1 Winners

“Amiel-Goshen Yosefa is now Champion CFA”

13,12.2014 1st CAC at Charenton Paris XIIeme, 14.12.2014 2nd CAC ex 1 and 3d at the EM Speciale Charenton Paris XIIeme 2014 (there were 30 EM all colours)

she is the daughter of ‘Chantina Jacob and ‘IC. Maunarch Florina of Amiel-Goshen)

‘Yosefa’ is a very promising young Lady, she is warm bronze but more on the gold side, very sweet (quality she gain from her mum), & very affectionnate

photos of ‘Sweet Baby’

Egyptian Mau bronze female entire

Egyptian Mau Bronze parents, IC. Maunarch Florina & Chantina Jacob