Very nice article featured on the Egyptian Mau in this months Showcats online

 about Dot Mardulier

As the world began a new century in the year 2000,Dot Mardulier  established Maullenium Egyptian Maus in a small town on Cape Cod, MA.

But she had first shown an Egyptian Mau in the Alter Class in CFA the year before.

The problem was that being a minority breed, Egyptian Maus struggled with having a smaller gene pool. Despite that, Dot enjoyed showing her Maus, but her passion for the breed’s survival was far greater than for showing. She understood that If she worked with imported bloodlines, she could help increase the diversity of the Mau gene pool in the US.

There was a price to be paid however. The Maus imported from Egypt were not the refined type seen in the US show rings.

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