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GC. Fellpurrs Ramases on Purina-Proplan


— We have the pleasure to announce that our

Grand Champion Fellpurrs Ramases (of Amiel-Goshen)

is on most websites in Europ

GC. Fellpurrs Ramases

Notre petit Fellpurrs Ramases est sur la plupart des sites de proplan-Purina en Europe

Use of claw caps for cats GCCF general notice

In response to an article in the Daily Mail about claw caps on Monday 7 March, Cats Protection has issued the following statement. GCCF deplores the growing tendency to treat pet animals as organic toys or fashion items:

“Cats Protection is very disappointed by the focus of this article.  Cats are sentient animals and are not fashion accessories.  They have a fundamental need to scratch objects, and this is a normal behaviour that cats should be allowed to exhibit.

here mors of the article

Governing Council of the Cat Fancy

Governing Council of the Cat Fancy

Amiel-Goshen Cattery is member of the GCCF Breeder Scheme 2015

Chatterie Amiel-Goshen Cattery

Is member of the  “Breeder Scheme”  2015 with the
 GCCF Standard
since it’s beginning in   2013

Gccf Breeder Scheme 2015

Est membre du “Breeder Scheme” 2015 avec le standard GCCF
et en fait prtie depuis les débuts en 2013


Egyptian Mau Cat show Charenton 14.12.2014

Chatterie “Amiel-Goshen” Cattery

Was at The

“Special Egyptian Mau” cats show in Charenton

organised by the AFPL

était présente à la

“Spéciale Mau Egyptien” Charenton

organisée par l’AFPL

Egyptian Mau Bronze Amiel-Goshen “Independence”- New Page

 we have the pleasure to announce that our future Egyptian Mau

Bronze Stud

(born 04.07.2013)

Amiel-Goshen  Independence

has now a page open just for him

please click here

Amiel-Goshen Independence

GCCF Breeder Scheme 2013

Chatterie “Amiel-Goshen” Cattery

has joined the /// a rejoint le

GCCF Breeder Scheme


Ramah Adina Egyptian Mau Black Smoke is now also registered LOOF

“Ramah Adina of Amiel-Goshen”

Egyptian Mau Smoke 

            CFA= 0847-1723487 GCCF = CS 803498

(Female on the GCCF active registrar)

is also Registered LOOF

Egyptian Mau black Smoke

more info here

Amiel-Goshen Cattery’s New Year wishes 2013

“Chatterie Amiel-Goshen Cattery”

Wishes you all all a year filed with Love, Joy, and Health

May all blessings come your way in 2013


from  all our Boys & Girls

Egyptian Mau Smoke (female) Nebelung (russian blue, semi long hair) female
Egyptian Mau Silver (female) Egyptian Mau Bronze(female)
Egyptian Mau bronze (female) EU Turtles shell female
Egyptian Mau Bronze (male) Egyptian Mau Silver (male)

New corrected LOOF pedigree for our Nebelung “Faithful”

“Faithful” du fort de la bosse marniere 

the DNA test and filiation have been added to this pedigree


more info one “Faithful”


Egyptian Mau bronze Amiel-Goshen Yosefa 1year today

Amiel- Goshen Yosefa

Daughter of  IC Maunarch Florina (US) & Chantina Jacob (UK)

born in 05/12/2011 

is = 1yr

photo of 2011 litter

& here

Yosefa today=

Amiel-Goshen Yosefa

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