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Egyptian Mau Bronze Amiel-Goshen Independence

Amiel-Goshen Independence

Amiel-Goshen Independence

ENG*** “Amiel Goshen Independence is an entire male specifically reserved for the bronze program of CIME association. All external Mating outside CIME program is contrary to the moral commitments made between the owner “Amiel-Goshen Independence” & Amiel-Goshen Cattery. Any sale of a whole kitten from “Amiel Goshen Independence” is subject to the same obligations.

–Cattery Amiel Goshen disengages from the participation of “Amiel Goshen Independence” outside the bronze breeding program of CIME and reminds everyone that it does not wish to condone the violation of a moral contract.

Moral commitment///engagement moral

FR****  » Amiel Goshen Independence” est un male entier spécifiquement réservé au programme bronze de la Cime. Toute saillie extérieure à ce programme est contraire aux engagements moraux pris entre la propriétaire d’”Amiel Goshen Independence” et la Chatterie Amiel Goshen. Toute vente de chaton entier issu d’ ” Amiel Goshen Independence” est soumise aux mêmes engagements.

— La Chatterie Amiel Goshen de désolidarise de toute participation d’ “Amiel Goshen Independence” à un programme d’élevage bronze extérieur à la Cime et rappelle qu’elle ne souhaite pas cautionner la violation d’un contrat moral.

Use of claw caps for cats GCCF general notice

In response to an article in the Daily Mail about claw caps on Monday 7 March, Cats Protection has issued the following statement. GCCF deplores the growing tendency to treat pet animals as organic toys or fashion items:

“Cats Protection is very disappointed by the focus of this article.  Cats are sentient animals and are not fashion accessories.  They have a fundamental need to scratch objects, and this is a normal behaviour that cats should be allowed to exhibit.

here mors of the article

Governing Council of the Cat Fancy

Governing Council of the Cat Fancy

test PKdef-déficience en pyruvate kinase (tous nos chats sont testés)

 – all our Egyptian Mau Have been tested for the PKdef ( pyruvate kinase. deficiency ).

and all kittens born are certified PKDef ‘Clean’

– tous nos Mau Egyptien ont été testés pour le PKdef (déficience en pyruvate kinase.).

et tous nos chatons sont certifiés PKdef ‘clean’/’normal’

(English) How to Read a Pet Food Label

Désolé, cet article est seulement disponible en English.

GCCF Breeder Scheme 2013

Chatterie « Amiel-Goshen » Cattery

has joined the /// a rejoint le

GCCF Breeder Scheme