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« Chatterie Amiel-Goshen Cattery »

CETAC n° C-2174 (FR); NCA 9506/055938/033002/EVGB971(UK)

has been accepted to the 

GCCF breeder scheme

Chatterie Amiel-Goshen Cattery (certificats)

 Chatterie « Amiel-Goshen » Cattery

NCA ( National Certificate in Agriculture with credit); NCA 9506/055938/033002/EVGB971(UK)

CETAC ( Certificat d’Etudes Techniques de l’Animal de Compagnie) CETAC n° C-2174 (FR)

Chatterie Amiel-Goshen Cattery is now WCF/Monaco

 we have the pleasure to announce that our

« Cattery Amiel Goshen »

has been registered with

the World Cat Federation/Monaco reg NB= 1499-2011

Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer que la

« Chatterie Amiel-Goshen »

est enregistrée avec le

World Cat Federation/Monaco  n°= 1499-2011

portee de Mau Egyptien Bronze (suivi du 02.01.2012)

the litter of IC Maunarch FLorina of Amiel-Goshen and Chantina Jacob is changing fast now

they are all +500gr and are 4 weeks old today

photos here/ici

la portée de IC Maunarch Florina of Amiel-Goshen et de Chantina Jacob change rapidement maintenant;

Ils font tous + de 500gr et eu 4 semaines aujourd’hui

Portée de Bronze Mau Egyptien (suivi 28/12/2011)

Bronze Egyptian Mau Litter of IC Maunarch Florina of Amiel-Goshen

today our « Winter Ligths » have started visiting outside their nest

photos (+22)

Aujourd’hui nos « Lumières de l’Hivers ont commencées leur visite hors du nids

+ de photos de Florina (bronze ME) & Faithful (Nebelung)

Nouvelles  photos de INT.CH. Maunarch Florina of Amiel-Goshen (Egyptian Mau Bronze)  » ICI »

Nouvelles photos de La Marnière Faithful of Amiel-Goshen     (Nebelung) « ICI »

US TV link on NEBELUNG(Anglais)

Here is a link to a TV show in the USA called Cats 101.

They have done most of the breeds, and today they finally got to the Nebelungs.  The video wasn’t bad, not too much bad information about the cats, thank goodness.   This link is to about half of what was actually televised, but the part left out was someone who found a feral so called Nebelung and tamed it down…so, probably not really a Nebelung.

Anyway, you all over there might like seeing this, altho it is in English.  The Neb featured against the white background is very pretty, although maybe needs some better grooming lol

Nebelung de la Chatterie Amiel-Goshen

« La Marniere Faithful of Amiel-Goshen » photos prises le 27.04.2011

Nebelung Female 9 months La Marniere Faithful of Amiel-Goshen
Chatte nebelung du la chatterie Amiel-Goshen Nebelung (Bleu Russe à poil long)